Thursday, January 12, 2012

30 by 30

In just 21 short months this momma will be turning 30. I have never been one to dread age, actually I get pretty excited about getting older. I am sure it's only because I still look 12 and just maybe a new # will bring on a little bit more mature look about myself. So far, not so good. aw well.

Anyway, I am excited about turning 30. But really I am excited about what I hope to accomplish personally in my life before then.

I have given myself a 'to do' list of sorts to get done before October 1, 2013.

*Just a little preface to this list.
I essentially have done none of these things (minus going out of the country..and had a baby). And these were made to be intentional. Rather than just saying "run", I want to specifically run a 1/2 marathon.
Also,these items are in no particular order or importance or priority.

So, here goes.

1.Run 1/2 marathon
2.Spend an entire day by myself...and not get bored:)
4.Spend a whole day with my little sister..doing just what she wants.
5.Ride in a hot air balloon
6.Buy 1st home
7.Spend a whole day with my mom..doing just what she wants.
8.Visit another country
9.Take a family vacation
10.Spend a whole day with Emma...doing just what she wants
11.Take a sewing class
12.Volunteer in a soup kitchen
13.Go on a mission trip
14.Spending a whole day with Jilli..doing just what she wants.
15.Bake cookies for the mailman
16.Pay for a strangers meal
17.Take the girls to a play, musical or ballet. Or all 3.
18.Give $100 to someone who really need it.
19.Take a handgun class
20.Spend the whole day with Mark, doing just what he wants
21.Buy a trampoline for the kids (or me:)
22.Finish a book series
23.Watch AND stay awake through an entire movie series. (harry potter, lord of the rings, etc).
24. Spend the whole day with Dan, doing just what he wants.
25.Make lambchops for dinner
26.Lose 15 lbs
27.Teach Jillian to write a thank you note.
28.Have another baby
29. Make homemade ice cream
30. Let Emma pick out an entire outfit at the store all by herself.

Ready, Set, Go!


Anonymous said...

Have the baby before you lose the 15 pounds! Good luck :)

Stefanie Watson

Lacy Robinson said...

I will turn 30 in two weeks on the 25th. It is a very exciting time. Get Ready!! You can and WILL accomplish all of these things.