Sunday, May 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo #1

When Mark was deployed the last time I was finishing school and raising our girls which left little free time. But with that little bit of free time I had I started reading blogs.

I was obsessed with reading about the lives of strangers.

One day I somehow stumbled across this blog that told the story of a man raising his daughter on his own after his wife's untimely (1 day after giving birth) death. He is an amazing writer. A little rough around the edges, but rightfully so.

Still 2 years later I read his blog often and even follow him on twitter:)

What's the next best thing to a blog...well someone who has a blog and wrote a book to go along with it of course!

I have waited for over a year for this book to FINALLY come out and it did, just a few weeks ago. I asked for it for Mother's Day but really wanted it now. So Happy early Mothers day to me!

I got it and was hoping that just MAYBE it would be as great as his blog. well it did not disappoint.

I finished it within 48 hours. It is AMAZING! I love real stuff as I like to call biographies. None of that phony fake love story, vampire junk will do for me. It's gotta be least if I wanna finish the book that is;)

I think I found my new favorite book.

Maybe now that I have finished it, I can clean my house. Well maybe;)

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