Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It's official.
On January 29, 2010, the Shepherd Family will say goodbye, again.
But this time we are NOT no we are not.
Why you ask.
Well you see by saying goodbye this one last time...we will never have to say goodbye again, to our Marky that is.
(insert Happy Dance moves here)
That's right boys and girls...or one or two women who read this blog.
Mark is leaving the Army for good!
This is huge, definitely worth celebration. Or at least a happy dance.
After 7 years Mark will leave (our one and only duty station) Fort Carson and move on to bigger and better, (and closer to home) things.
As a family we are thrilled.
I am definitely not admitting that this was an easy decision, but it is definitely the best decision. And one that we were only able to make with guidance for God himself.
What does this decision mean for us??
Well it means that we are moving back to the homeland, a.k.a Texas, Mark needs a job..and more important, our family is together, for good!
So there it is, the big news. We are anxious for change and are at peace with the decision.
We will trust and God will provide.

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Kim Harms said...

SO happy for you, Mark and the girls... I know how much you've been wanting this!

But am oh so sad to have to say goodbye to the Shepherds. :( Lets not cross that path before we have to, shall we.