Thursday, October 29, 2009

Major Slacker

I know I am. Life has been busy.
-Jillian started and finished her 1st season of soccer. She loved it, especially the part when she got to wave and blow kisses to all of her fans..while chasing the ball of course.
-Emma has grown hair. A lot actually. All in the back. Decided today that neon stirrup pants and an acid wash denim jacket would have been a more appropriate halloween costume.
-I am still in school. Always a good thing, right? But slowly getting closer to being done.
-Mark bought a gun. Against my better judgment of course. But non the less, "we are protected".
-Recently we took our annual trip to Happy Apple Farm and picked pumpkins that sadly turned just gross 2 weeks before the actual holiday. We still carved them.
-Jillian loves preschool, even though she still throws a HUGE fit every.single.time I drop her off. She knows what to do when her house is on fire and how to be safe on a school bus. Definetly getting our money's worth there.
-I am tired. That's nothing new. Big day tomorrow for the Shepherd family. More about that later.

That's all I got.


Elizabeth said...

I love the new page look... especially the quote. And, what's going on today???

Kim Harms said...

I, also, love the new look! :)

Denyse said...

I can't imagine why you don't have more time to blog...
Please don't keep us in suspense any longer, though!