Friday, November 13, 2009

Busy Week

Busy Bees are the Shepherds lately.

Last week Mark and I attended the 1-67 Battalion Military Ball. We had a great time and it was nice to get to dress up and attend one last military event.

On Friday we went on our 1st ever group date...can we say B.L.A.S.T! We had soo much fun with some of the greatest friends in the world. Let me just say it will not be easy to leave all of the wonderful friends we have made here in Colorado over the last few years. tear.

On Sunday I worked on homework at the library all afternoon. Sounds exciting right?! Probably not because the real fun didn't begin until I got home from the library. Let me just say that the words "deathly ill" had nothing on me that night. For hours I was so sick I could barely move, even contemplated calling an ambulance. Monday afternoon I had an appointment with my PCM anyway so I went ahead and went in. After just a few minutes he decided I needed to go to the ER as he suspected I may have needed either my gallbladder or appendix removed.

So off to the ER we went. Some blood work and CT scan later, we opted for going in to take a look with a scope since they could not see my appendix on the CT scan.

Well my appendix was fine but he removed it anyway...what does that organ really do anyway?:)

But he did find some swollen lymph nodes on my small intestine which had him a bit concerned. The next morning I met with a gastroenterologist and she stuck another scope down my throat to have a look.

2 days and way too much jello and broth later, we had the biopsy results: Celiac Disease

Evidently I don't absorb gluten, similar to an allergy. Looks like so much for yummy bread and many other tasty treats, it's time for a diet change.

Should be interesting, but obviously I have no choice as far as my health goes. Untreated Celiac Disease can lead to even worse things, so I will obey doctors orders.

Eventually we will be a gluten free family, but for now as I learn the tricks of the trade and how to cook gluten free, it will just be me. It will be good.


Denyse said...

I'm already starting to make notes on how we can make MNSC gluten-free! Take care, Friend.

The Shepherd Family said...

Aww well thanks friend:)