Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sweaters and Snow

Seems like lately I read everyone else's blogs, but never update ours. So sorry.

We have just over a week left in Colorado before heading back to Texas. Emotions have been running high...well at least for me. (No one else in the house will admit to being sad, but they are:). I have wrote before about the great friendships we have established here in Colorado and that has not changed. They are wonderful and we will miss them. so. much.

We currently had our annual "Mom's group" (or just great group of friends) Christmas Party. It was a BLAST! We decided to pick a theme: Ugly Christmas Sweater. Seriously, I don't think I ever want to attend another Christmas party without my ugly sweater..and side ponytail again:)

This week we have had some crazy, snowy and FREEZING weather. I am not much of the outdoorsy time of girl and I despise cold weather. But I figured since we are moving soon we would take the girls out for at least one opportunity to play in the snow of Colorado. The both LOVED it!! We even made a "snowman".Thankful they have a daddy who does not mind it either...I chickened out and went in:)

I love my family.


Denyse said...

I love the picture of Em and her go-go! Looks like fun =)

Anonymous said...
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