Thursday, September 10, 2009


The deployment is finally over and Mark is home! God is Good!

The girls and I could not be more grateful to have our hero home, safe and sound.

Although the year was long and tough, watching him and hundreds of other soldiers walk through the doors to their familes was worth every tear. The pride you feel when you finally see your husband, the father of your children, a U.S. Soldier whom has put his life on the line for the 3rd time, finally come home...there are no words.

The day Mark left last year I called my friend Kim and asked if she would be there to photograph his homecoming. We have been through this two times before, but knew this would be the last time and we have two young children now, I want them to see this and remember what their daddy did for them, their country. Thank you Kim for the AMAZING pictures, I could not have asked for better memories from this day.


TheMil10s said...

There is no place like home! Welcome back.

tracey fields said...

great pictures! glad he's home!