Wednesday, January 23, 2008

22 days to go...WOW!!

I can not believe that she is really going to be here soon! We have been working hard around here to get everything ready for the new baby's arrival. Her bedroom is NOW officially finished. Gamma and Gampa bought us a glider for little Emma's room that Mark put together and is not ready for late night feedings. I also finally got my maternity pictures framed and hung. All her clothes are washed, except for anything that was brand new...just in case:) We will take care of that once she gets here. The bags are packed and the car seat is in the car...I think we are ready to go:)

We went in for my 36 week appointment yesterday and they said everything looks great. Emma's heart beat was 155, they said she is about 6lbs now, and I have gained..well too much in my opinion:) We are all registered at the hospital now and the dr. says we are good to go whenever she decides to, still can't believe we are going to have another baby soon.
We took Jillian to Build-A-Bear this past weekend to make a bear for Emma..and of course a new friend for herself. She had a blast! She designed shirts for both of the new animals and she is very proud of the bear she "make" for Emma. She is watching my every movement very closely and wants to help constantly. She makes sure to let me know that the bottles are for milk for baby to eat and wants to feel my belly constantly, just in case Emma is kicking. I can't wait to see how excited she will be once Emma is ACTUALLY here.
We go into the dr. once a week now until little Emma decides to make her arrival and we have a "stork pass" for our car now...we can park in "expecting mommy" parking, I am totally excited about that:)
Here are some pictures of the completely finished nursery, Jillian at Build-A-Bear, and my latest belly shot.
Maybe by the time I remember to log back on and update the blog, she will be here, we will let you know:)

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