Sunday, January 6, 2008

And the countdown begins...

With the holidays behind us and new resolutions to make in the new year, it is officially time for our family to prepare for the new addition. Just 39 days now until little Emma is due to enter the world...we can't wait!
This past week I have not been feeling too hot and on Thursday I was feeling pretty bad. I called the dr. to see if they thought I should come in and they said yes so off to Labor and Delivery we went. After a couple of hours of monitoring, the dr. said that I was 1 cm dialated and that I need to rest. We still have about 6 weeks to go, so we don't want her showing her little face too soon:). So the past couple days I have been resting, resting, and doing some more resting. I am not feeling much better, but it will all pass soon enough.
We had another 3D ultrasound on Friday and we got to see some good shots of the little one...suprisingly she was frowning in just about every picture, imagine that:) I will try to get some of those posted on here soon.
This past week Mark and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary...just can't believe it has been that long. Time flies when you are having fun...i guess:) After our trip to the E.R. we were able to have a nice dinner out, just the two of us. I am sure we won't get too many of those in the near future:)
So I am off to begin preparing the finishing touchs for little Emma's arrival, still have some washing to do, some bags to pack....and well then I guess we will just wait.
Keep your eyes and ears open as we begin the official "Emma Watch".

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