Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Real World

When I was growing up I always said I wanted to be a nurse (because we lived by a hospital) but always played school at home. I loved making up students names, giving them homework, and calling mom when their behavior was unacceptable.

I have now had my own classroom for almost 6 months and oh how I miss the comfort of my invisible students in my little bedroom.

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE teaching. I even LOVE the kids..on most days;) But many days it is definetly not like what I had imagined as a child or even going through my ED classes in college.

I have a very mixed population in my classroom. I have exactly the same amount of boys and girls. And most days are really good. Although unfourtantly, not all.

During student teaching you may watch someone else 'handle' the issues that may come up, but you never do it on your own. You never call the parents, you never create weeks worth of lesson plans, you never conduct your own all star reading groups when you have one student screaming at the top of their lungs, while another jumps off of their desks for the 100th time and a 3rd student threatens to punch everyone in the face.

No, never. why?? Well because those classrooms never seem to have those problems and well if the truth be told, if they did, the real teacher would handle it. And probably if they couldn't, the principal would support them along the way.

These of course are all hypothetical situations.

I LOVE teaching and I want to be that teacher that in 50 years when I retire, my first year of teaching is all but a fog because so many amazing years followed.

A girl can dream right.

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