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I was talking to my mom the other day and she was recalling a memory she had of Jillian. Jillian was about the same age Emma is now and she was not much of a talker, at all. She would open the pantry or see a toy and point while saying "uh uh uh". It "evidently" drove me crazy. But, I don't actually remember it at all. But mom remembered me calling her and complaining about this "uh uh uh" noise that Jillian did, "all the time". Thanks for the memories of my own child mom:)

So in honor the new "milestone" that Emma has reached, i.e. opening the pantry, pointing to the crackers saying "uh uh uh", and the fact that I am horrible at the whole baby book thing, I want to document these things here. I want to remember all of the quirks, smiles, milestones, words, tantrums:/, of my precious girls. This blog seems to be a reliable "journaling" outlet for me. So here it is.

The First Year with Jillian

Dear Jillian,
Your life started out on a memorable note. Daddy had been in Iraq for 5 months, but had made it home just 5 hours before my water broke (this meant you were soon on your way).

You made your debut at 2:17 p.m. on August 6, 2005, weighing in at 7lbs, 21inches long, looking exactly like your daddy...just as I had hoped. It seemed like everyone in town was there to welcome you into this world. It was a glorious day for sure.
Besides your "perfect timing" arrival, the biggest surprise by far (at least for me) was your head full of BLACK hair that you debuted upon your arrival. Bibis and I had talked for months before you arrived about the fact that I did not want my baby to have hair...but I loved your little furry head from day one.

You were born completely healthy and despite 24 hours in the baby "tanning bed" for your jaundice, you were one happy little girl.

For the next two weeks of your life, Daddy and I spent time taking tons of pictures, sleeping very little, and learning how to be your mommy and daddy. You were surpringly very easy going...something else you inherited from your daddy. You ate whatever we gave you, you slept when you were supposed to, you were a good baby. Daddy returned back to Iraq when you were two weeks old to finish his 2nd tour in Iraq.

I went back to work when you were 3 weeks old and you stayed home during the day with Gamma. She loved having you around, but made sure to bring you up to work (I worked for Pa) so that I could feed you and love on you.
Since we lived with Gamma and Pa, auntie Gabi was able to love on you, a lot. She turned 4 just before you arrival she was in love from day 2 (she wasen't really sure about you on the 1st day, but by the 2nd she was good).

Just before Halloween you and I moved back to Colorado. I was so excited to dress you up for were a lobster!

By the time Christmas came around you were beginning to smile and lift your head. You were never really in any hurry to do anything, which really, for the time being, I was fine with. You were eating baby food and cereal on a regular basis. You spent your days at daycare, with the most wonderful Korean woman ever..who just adored you, while I worked.

In January we started preparing for Daddy's arrival home by going to Texas to pass time:) You were "trying" to sit up by this time (5 months)", but weren't quite there yet. You received your first hair cut as your baby hair (that you never lost) had started to become quite the fuzz ball on the back. You had plenty of hair to spare.

Finally February had rolled around and you reached 6 months..just in time for Daddy to return. On February 12, 2006 he returned. The next week you got your first tooth, officially sat up and said your first word, "Dada". God is Good!

We spent your first Easter together as a family and then headed to Texas for a month long vacation.
Mommy and Daddy traveled to Ocho Rios, Jamaica (very belated honeymoom) and you stayed in Texas with Nonnie and Gamma. We missed your little face so much.

By 9 months old, you did nothing. You were still very content just sitting and observing everything and everyone around you. You and I had joined a playgroup a few month prior. We would go the playgroups and just sit and watch all the other kids play. By this time you were eating table food very consistantly, but still took a few bottles a day.

Summer was finally upon us and we were enjoying the sun in Colorado. You discovered popsicles and your slide. You had always enjoyed being outside, but once the sun had shown its face you were thrilled.
You also finally learned to crawl. It was so much fun to see you get around and explore finally.
When you were 11 months old we added a new family member, Lucy

In August you turned 1! We have a "Hawaiian Pool Party" at our home and had tons of fun. (sorry no picture:(, they are on Daddy's computer).

From the moment we knew of your life, you were a blessing. The first year was a year of so many new things for you, daddy and myself. We love you so much and look forward to what the future holds for our Jilli Grace.

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Kim said...

Um, you forgot her most important event, meeting the Mortons at 8 months old! lol ;)
We love you guys so much and are thankful for you being in our lives.
Your blog was so sweet and it makes me think back to Kai's 1st year and everything we both experienced together.
We love you Jillian Grace!!