Saturday, January 3, 2009

Be Thankful-14

Day 14- six amazing years

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary. I can't believe we have been married that long, but it has been amazing to say the least.

Due to Mark entering the Army and then his 1st deployment, we didn't even live together until we had been married 14 months. Then he was home for 359 days and was gone another year. Then he was home 2.5 years, and now gone another year.

But they say, "absence makes the heart grow stronger". I believe this with all my heart.

Over the past 6 years Mark and I have learned who each other is. I know that he does not like any beans, other than green ones, and those need to be french style. He will not use gel toothpaste and he drinks milk like its water..and he puts ice in it. He loves everything single thing that has to do with his car and could spend his whole day washing it, or just staring at it:) His favorite movie is Pulp Fiction and swears that Samuel L. Jackson is the greatest actor of all time. He believes that his grey hair is a sign of wisdom and is content if our house looks "lived in" verses being spotless (thank God!). He hopes our girls will be BMW enthusiasts just like him, and also hopes that for me...but I'm not thinking that's gonna happen;)

He makes me smile more than I would alone, he makes me laugh more and he wants me to relax more...I'm just not sure how to do that.

He never yells, is very calm about life, pretty patient and typically finds the best in everything. These sound like great things, but when you are crazy psycho screamer, inpatient, pessimistic person like could make you just wanna puke.

I am so thankful that Mark is the packer of the diaper bag, cleaner of middle of the night potty or throw-up accidents, and so thankful that he realizes who really wears the pants in this marriage, ahem.
Mark is my love and I could not be more thankful for what he means to me in my life.
For all of these wonderful things that our Marriage and my husband means to me, and so much more, I am thankful.
I love and miss you honey!
Happy Anniversary

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