Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Be Thankful-13

Day 13-A New Year
I am extremely thankful for a new year. I know this year will bring many changes, all good ones thus far.
- our new leader and what he has planned for our country.
- Mark to come home on R&R and hopefully make it for Emma's 1st Birthday.
- Girls Trip '09 with my Colorado Girls in May.
-my mom feeling better
- putting my whole self into school these next two semesters so I can prepare for student teaching in the Fall.
I can NOT wait for Mark's return in early Fall...that will be a wonderful day!
- Jillian to turn 4 in August...hopefully these tantrums will disappear with 3. (although I am sure they won't:)
-soaking up the time I have at home with my parents, siblings and kids...I am so blessed
-Mark finally saying good bye to the Army. We pray for this to happen, but we know God is in control. We know things do not always happen the way we 'plan' them therefore we will just pray and wait.
- celebrating the holidays this year with my husband.
- keeping my three resolutions of "cash only",tithing, and being as frugal as possible.
- challenges that I will face.
- happy moments that will surely outnumber the not so happy ones.
- watching my girls grow and learn more on a daily basis.
- the day their daddy returns.
- Emma wearing a bow in her hair and Jillian learning to write her name.
-knowing that I can do this, it is hard, it sucks, but I am strong and I can do this
-Monday Night Supper Clubs and 8a.m. classes.
I look for a new year. Things that will change. Things that will not change. Learning to not sweat the small stuff so much and just enjoy life.
I am so glad 2009 is finally here.
For a New Year and all it has to offer, I am thankful


Sandi Davis said...

You do have so many things to be thankful for and it makes me so happy to see you be able to look to the brighter side of life even with all the hard times that have befallen you. I love you so much and want you to know I am here for you to lean on when you need me!

Jules said...

I love your bright outlook on life. I'm blessed to have you as a friend!