Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Be Thankful-9

Day 9-School
I always had a "plan" or timeline as to how things were supposed to go in my life. At this age I wanted this, at that age I wanted this.
I have now been out of High School nearly 6 years and have yet to graduate from college. I often find myself a little disappointed that I don't have my degree and my "career" yet. That sounds horrible I am sure, considering instead I have 2 adorable little girls and have put our lives (and school) on hold during the last 2 deployments.
I have been a college student for pretty much 5 years, gone to 5 different schools, have student loans adding up and still have a year to go. Because I am me, and a little high strung (I know, suprising:), this can be frustrating. But instead, today, as I attended class during my Christmas break, on scholarship, I am thankful that I am able to even attend school. I feel blessed to have a husband who has for the most part been able to support our family enough for me to go to school nearly as long as we have been married. I am thankful that I can still go to school while raising our girls. I am thankful that soon enough I will graduate and will be the teacher I have wanted to be. I am thankful for school and look forward to one day receiving that bachelor's degree I have worked so hard for.
For school and so much more, I am thankful.


Kim said...

It took me from 93-99 to graduate and I didn't have kids. I had to work and go to school so it took me longer. But once you get finished and the degree is in your hand, you will have a burst of pride you have never known. It is a wonderful feeling knowing you accomplished it all on your own.

Anonymous said...

You may not have finished school, but you have already accomplished so much!! The way you support your husband, who has one of the most difficult jobs in the world, is awesome. The way you love your babies the way a Mommy should is awesome! The way you care for your Mother is awesome!! Don't fret over the "little" things, but be proud of what you have accomplished. The end of school will come soon and then you will be writing about "Why I Wish I Was Still in School"!! Cheryl H.

The Shepherd Family said...

yes you are probably right:)