Sunday, December 14, 2008

Be Thankful-8

Day 8-Phone Calls
During deployments my phone becomes my best friend. It is always with me. I check it constantly. I am always worried that I might miss a call from him. During this particular deployment Mark and I have had some weeks where we are able to talk often, which is wonderful. Then there are some weeks when he is working tons and lets me know he will probably not be calling for a while. Of course those are the weeks that I have a thousand things going on, I have questions for him, I want to tell him something exciting, Jillian asks 100 times to "call daddy", or there is a big news story about something happening "over there". This week has been one of those weeks. And on top of that, he called on Wednesday, 3 times, and I missed it:(
So today as I attempted to enjoy some "window shopping" 2 weeks before Christmas (I know, I know, what was I thinking?!), 2 crazy screaming kids and 5,000 other "window shoppers", he decides to call. Of course the signal was horrible so I avoided the lines (after I drove a whole hour for this particular store), and headed to the car. The signal never got better and both girls were ready to be home....oh and my phone started going dead.
In the midst of chaos, I was so thankful to finally hear from my love. We spent over an hour discussing tuna fish, robots, Gert & Lillie's and car washs. Oh how I love and miss this man.
At least I have these wonderful phone calls to look forward to.
For phone calls from the desert and so much more, I am thankful.

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