Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Operation Morale Boost

As you know my husband is currently serving in Iraq. During his first 2 deployments he stayed very busy with little free time. This time is different. He is on a smaller base with a set schedule of a few hours a day and any other time is free time. If you ask me I would be very excited for some free time and extra sleep:), but for my husband and the other soldiers he works with, this is down time with really not much to do but think about their families and what they are missing back home. This can be tough on their morale. Some of the guys, including my husband, have hand held game systems and computers to watch movies on, but would appreciate having other options too.
So here is my mission: I am trying to get together board games, books, movies, puzzles/puzzle books, devotional books, balls and gloves, and even maybe some yarn and knitting needles:), or anything else you can think to help keep them active, to send to my husbands unit.
If you are willing to donate and/or mail them yourself I know they would appreciate it.

Here is his mailing address:
SGT Mark Shepherd
Team Bushmaster (PB Doria)
FOB Warrior, APO, AE 09338

Let me know if you have any questions or need any help, I will be glad to assist you.

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Dan, Ashleigh, and Baby said...

Hey I bet I can come up with some stuff. I'll let you know. This is always fun!