Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jesus Take the Wheel!

Although it is not real obvious from the outside, music plays a big role in my life. Not just the idea of music and the particular artist, but instead the words of the song. I typically know right away if I am going to like a song or not depending on the first few words...if I feel connected to those words, than I will give the song the respect it deserves and listen. I tend to take the words very literally. I am drawn to music that relates to me at that particular time and place in my life. And often I will listen to a hand full of songs over and over just because I feel they give me comfort.
I am sure many of you have heard Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood. I have heard it many times and it is a good song, my little sisters favorite as a matter of fact. The thing that drew me to this song originally was the fact that it was country, and I have to admit, I enjoy most country songs. But that it not what brought me back to this song today. Instead it was the title "Jesus Take the Wheel".
I think there comes in time in most peoples lives where it is time to step outside yourself and start living for him. I am not necessarily talking about the time when you give your life over to Jesus, although this should definatly be apart of it. I am instead talking about a time when you love Jesus, you have a great relationship with Him, but then you realize all along, you have been living for yourself.
I think I have come to that point. I am confident in my relationship with Him, trust Him with my life, and know where I will spend eternity. But, I have been spending my time here on Earth doing what I wanted, or thought I was supposed to be doing. Making decisions for myself (or my family) based on what I thought was supposed to be the right ones...because they were what I wanted of course. And then tonight I realized, this is not what Christ asks of me. He asks for me to trust him 100% in everything, ask him for assitance when needed, and believe that he will provide. I think I knew these things all along, just never really admitted it, guess they would have got in the way of what I wanted.
It feels nice to just let it all go and let Jesus take the wheel.


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And He has a perfect driving record! =)