Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just to see you smile

today I was on the phone with a credit company regarding my power of attorney. this was part of our conversation.

(first please visiualize the nicest, most laid back and most southern person you know...she was my representative. then picture me as my normal self, frustrated and annoyed that my name is not Mark Shepherd.)

me: just making sure my power of attorney made it to your office (I had to mail it)
her: well looks like when is your dad coming back?
-seriously, do I sound that young?
me: next August, projected
her: oh yes, well you know, Obama was picked yesterday, he will probably be home next week...laughing.

-SERIOUSLY?!...some people:)


Heather said...

Hahaha - yeah, some people. But I think I've realized that coming from a very non-military family and, for the most part state, people who have not had experiences with the military, with deployments, or who don't really know how the government works, don't understand that just because a new leader has been elected, means that 1) Right now he's anything more than the President Elect; 2) the once the new president is in place, he'll make those changes immediately, and 3) that changes like that happen overnight. I think people hear "We're pulling out" and think that it's going to happen this second, and have no clue how much coordination and planning goes into moving that many troops and equipment, and everything else back from overseas. Definitely depends on your perspective.

Kim said...

Some people are just so...well, I will be nice. ;)