Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

So I am having trouble deciding on which gift to get ms. Jilli for Christmas this year. I had my heart set on this:

She loves to take pictures and I thought she would enjoy taking pictures and sending them to Mark.

But thanks to the demons of commercialism (if that's even a word), she is obsessed with this:

I am torn between purchasing a fun practical gift that I think she would like or cleaning up after a "potty training" doll that I know she loves.

Oh decisions....input would be helpful:)


Denyse said...

I say get her the camera and let "Santa" get her the doll. Or Gemma :)

Anonymous said...

Daddy says get them both. If you decide to only get one, then get the camera of course.
Love, Mark

Heather said...

We have the camera. If you're looking for a fun way for a kid to take pictures with a mostly indestructible camera, it's the way to go. If you're looking for a camera that takes good pictures, you're out of luck. They're not so good. But the camera itself is great for kids.

My issue with the dolly is the accessories. I clean up little dolly parts all day long. At least the camera's just one piece.


Johanna said...

Andrea had a doll like this and it was a demon doll. Always having to clean it, find new diapers as well as the rest of the accessories. But the pure innocent joy on their faces when they open it and take that first little peek is pricesless. The camera would be a nice birthday gift.