Thursday, August 14, 2008

For awhile.

We are having our internet turned off tomorrow and except for my not so sophisticated "blackberry internet", and maybe the chance of catching the wireless signal off of some helpless neighbor, this will be it for me for awhile on the computer...oh no WHAT will I do?:)

I am pretty sure over the next year at least, this blog will become very much a personal journal of sorts for myself...and anyone else who chooses to indulge in my not super eventful, very emotional, crazy mom of two, mad army wife, I know this will be a place where I will not have to worry about judgement, but instead just be completely honest...with myself if nothing else.

So I ask you for prayers of strength and patience over the next year. I will need it.

Just a few words for now.
This is me right now....very very sad, proud (even though Iraq sucks, I am proud of my husband for doing what he does), excited about Texas and having the people I love there with me, sad about leaving everyone we love in Colorado...overall, numb.

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