Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thanks Bibis;)

After a long day of yard saleing with friends (selling our own junk that is), and BBQ'ing with several other families who are about to join us on this journey called "deployment", I came home and read a blog that I frequent. I can always depend on Bibis for her inspiration, encouragement and for being my teacher of things I do not understand...oh what we would do without her:) Anyway, she wrote a blog today that I am pretty much going to plagiarize, just changing up a few words here and there;), simply because I appreciate it, her and many other things:)

Things on my mind at the moment:

1. Jillian will be 3, yes 3 in just 11 days. Oh where has the time gone?! I can not believe we survived the 2's and have successful slid into the 3's:) What makes me sad about this, other than the fact that she is not my little bitty girl anymore, is that fact that I have a hard time remembering so many things from when she was my only little bitty girl:( She is getting so big, continues to be independent, sassy, caring, very energetic, dramatic....but all in all, she will always be my little girl:) Love you jilli!!!
2. Packing Sucks!! and moving all that packed stuff sucks more!! This time it is very different and it means more, which is really bittersweet. I am SO looking forward to Texas, I am SO excited to be able to finally call it home..for good! I am ecstatic about it to say the least. But along with that comes leaving Colorado..and although I am really not sad at all to leave the actual state of Colorado, I am VERY sad about leaving the wonderful relationships we have built here.
We have some of the greatest friends, and they all have wonderful kids that Jillian L.O.V.E.S! We have shared so many great memories as parents of young kids and I am sad to say goodbye to it all. I know we will see each other again, but it is still very enough about that, I don't want to cry;)
3. Mark's Leaving...and it sucks! I am so overwhelmingly sad to say goodbye again, but I know we have to get through this one last deployment to get to the other side..NO ARMY!!! Seriously, I am SOOOOOOOOO excited to say goodbye to the Army (Just in case you couldn't tell;) Life will be different, but we will be blessed either way, and it will be a completely new learning experience..Can't Wait!
4. Pampered Chef: So far has been pretty good. A few bumpy parts here and there, but doing this is really teaching me about myself...and I think it just might be teaching me how to cook;) And honestly, I could not be more grateful for my hubby. Every time there is extra food (trying new recipes), he is taking it to the neighbors with catalogs and telling them all about my new venture...seriously this is SO outside his comfort zone, but he did it all on his own..and I LOVE it, thanks honey;)
5. Emma has been rolling over, and poor thing gets so frustrated at night when she wants to roll back over again. She is seriously the cutest, happiest baby..and I LOVE it!! Her smile makes my heart melt..and her laugh, priceless;)
5. Gas prices went down this week....woohoo!

Upcoming exciting events-
1. Starting school..Aug 25
2. The beginning steps of purchasing land....please pray for this!
3. Jillian turning 3:)
4. Getting to be with my family and friends, FOREVER, starting Aug 20!
5. Mona Lisa with my CO girls..I can not wait!!
6. Quality time with my hubby and girls

Things I am Thankful for:
1. Quality time with hubby and girls
2. My Mark, I love him with all of my heart and soul..that simple.
3. GC for Olive Garden for a date night with hubby (and babysitting for the girls)..thanks girlies, I love you all!!
4. Had a very successful yard sale today...thank you Harms'!
5. Jilli Bean and Emma Bemma, you are my strength.
6. Peace, Patience and Acceptance, for the next year
7. Us...Mark, Paige, Jillian & Emma
8. All of my family and friends, where ever you are, I love you and I am thankful for you!

Things I need/want to do:
1. To see Dark Knight with hubby..I know, totally not my genre, but I am as obsessed with it as the next to see Heath Ledger's last film
2. To continue to go to the Y 3 times a week until we leave
3. Finish enrolling in classes for the fall...I know, I am slacking, I am one class short..urgh!
4. Pack!!!
5. Continue to try to cook dinner every night...I am on a roll with this one;)

Once the deployment starts, what happens next?:
1. School, School, School
2. Jilli is taking ballet cute:)
3. Go to NYC with Bibis and Denyse...oh yes girls, we are going;)
4. Girls trip with my CO girls..cabin in MN??? YES!
5. LAND...please please please
6. Be the best I can be!

Things to be praying for:
1. Deployment!!!
2. Everything that has to do with Deployment
3. My sanity during deployment
4. Peach, Patience, Strength during deployment
5. My girls...and the deployment
6. My husband
7. Land...oh will it be?
8. Complete and full out trust and belief that it will all be OK!

and I am gonna have to agree with Bibis, Dolly Parton all the way...or maybe Willie Nelson:)

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