Friday, July 25, 2008

Frugal....not cheap!

I am sure you could call me a "blog stalker":) I am constantly coming across new blogs that strike my fancy and I come back and back again to read about things from Quadruplats, Misson Trips, to being a frugal momma!
So the more I read these frugal blogs, the more gas I pump into my gas-guzzler, the more I watch my doller buy less and less at the grocery, the more I have come to realize, being frugal (not cheap Mother:), is the newest trick I plan to play on the innocent members of my family:) They will never
And of course I figured, for our family anyway, this is the best time to attempt this. Mark will be leaving for Iraq in a couple of weeks and I will be living in Texas until he gets out...Dec 2009..woohoo!
Over the past 5.5 years we have always had the Army, whether we liked it that day or not, the Army and the security is always there. There has always been a pay check every 2 weeks, and health insurance, yep, its always been there too. So needless to say in about 18months we are leaving this little sheltered life and moving into the real world. Kind of scary that we don't know what the future hold for us..but it will all work out.
So I figured with the future not so clear, it is time to cut back and become that frugal momma that I need to be! I am if you have any tips on how to stretch that magic dollar or even gallon of gas, now is the time and place to share:)

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