Thursday, December 20, 2007

Less than 60 days to go...

It looks like we have just less than 60 days to go until we meet our little Emma. We can't wait! I had an appointment last week and the Dr. says we are both looking good. Emma is about 3.5 lbs and approx. 16 inches long, kind of hard to believe. I have gained 26 lbs thus far..yikes:) I guess I should start washing the baby clothes and packing the hospital bag...but those things really haven't crossed my mind yet, I guess the holidays have got the best of me.

My mom, Dan, Tyler, Gabi and Maya will all be here Saturday to spend Christmas in Colorado. We are very excited to have them here and to spend Christmas in our little home.

I am beginning to wonder if all the excitement of the holidays has become evident to little Jillian. She has been sleeping pretty much not at all at night, so Mark and I are up with her all night, and exhausted all day. We are not sure what the issue is, her health is fine so that is not really a concern....but we are all SO tired. Hopefully this will pass soon.

I go back to the Dr. at 36 weeks and the Dr. said she is good to come anytime after that...AAHHH!! Until next time:)

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