Tuesday, December 4, 2007

10 weeks to go....AAHHH!

So we have just about 10 weeks to go until we meet our little Emma...I just can't believe it! This pregnancy has seemed to fly by. I am in my finals week at school right now, so after this week I will just be doing a lot of waiting. Emma is VERY active. It is very seldom we go even a couple of minutes without a huge punch from the little boxer:) I think she is about 2.5 lbs now...although from the way my body feels, sometimes it seems like she might be a 10 pounder. We recently had some maternity pictures done and that was so much fun. Our good friend and photography Kim did an awesome job capturing the beauty of pregnancy and a family in waiting.
We are still enjoying the joys (insert sarcasm here), of the terrible two's with our precious Jillian. Everyday is a new adventure with her...but she really is the cutest thing ever anyhow:)
We are looking forward to spending to holidays here at home...and just maybe we will get a white Christmas. Mark went a little "clark griswald" on us and put on TONS of lights on the house...and yard decorations. It does look great, and he is VERY proud. Jillian loves to turn on "daddy's cute lights" every night.
Here is my latest belly picture...just 10 weeks to go!

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