Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 things I consider COMPLETELY Awesome!

1. Blow drying my girls' hair. I love it, they are learning to love it and they both look uber adorable afterwards:)
2. A cold Dr. Pepper and a bag of regular m&m's....neither of which will be shared. (Just wish everyone else in the house would realize this).
3.A day of nothing! Sometimes I have more of nothing time than I need, other times I have none. This last week was full of nothing..and it rocked!
4. Teaching! I love, love, love teaching!
5. My car. Yes it is filthy and looks like a permenant home to some little critter..and really this would not surprise me. But it is mine, and ALMOST paid off!
6. My husband's car. He LOVES this car. He thinks he looks cool in it (which I guess he does) and it too is ALMOST paid off!
7. Facebook. Seriously, how did I go this long not knowing every minut detail of so many people's lives?!?
8. Emma's smile when she wakes up.
9. Jillian's relieved face when I pick her up after school.
10.When Mark laughs in his sleep. Seriously, so funny.
11.Spending the WHOLE Day shopping...or anything for that matter with just my mom. It does not happen enough and I miss it.
12.Getting a random text or message from someone who has been thinking of me.
13. Hearing "I Love you Mrs. Shepherd" with the most sincere heart from a 1st grader.
14. Hearing "Thank you mommy for getting the ornament for the Christmas tree"...or any other thoughful thing that comes from sweet Emma's mouth.
15. My husband. he pretty much rocks.
16. An empty laundry basket.
17. Chapstick
18. $2 Margaritas and great friends to share them with!
19. TOMS. I love them and am getting my 3rd pair for Christmas. woot!
20. my bed. my mom says I love to sleep. Mark would claim the same. They are right...its because I love my bed. :)
21. Amy's Gluten Free TV dinners. Yes they are $5.50 each, but they are GOOD! And not much is good that is Gluten Free. Thank you Amy, who ever you are.
22. Skittles. one of my new found Gluten Free (that's my excuse anyway) loves. Especially the orange bag.
23. Unconditional love. period.
24. Our church. Our lifegroup.
25. The amazing relationships that have come from both.
26. Our life in Colorado. Miss it.
27. Friends that get me. There are only a few which I am ok with. But they get me and I try REALLY hard to get them too.
28. My tattoo. I love with people ask me about it...perfect opportunity for a testimony if you ask me.
29. My iPhone! Thanks mom and dad..it has changed my life;)
30. Jillian's love and passion for Jesus. It is truly indescribable.

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