Monday, June 14, 2010

NOW Day 13 & 14

I have failed. I missed 1 day..darn it.
But I will forgive myself as we had very busy, fun weekend.

On Saturday my step brother got married. It was a very nice wedding..or course not counting the part where Emma either screamed or talked WAY too loud during the.entire.ceremony.
They had the BBQ reception in a barn which was fun. Except that I don't think anyone really took into consideration that a METAL barn and VERY loud music don't exactly mix well...unless it is a LARGE barn. Which in this case, it was not.
Either way we had a blast and we are happy for Justin and Amber!

Sunday I finished up a cupcake order for a twin boy baby shower for a long time friend. After about 60 cupcakes, I was satisfied with the end result. Although not my best, or very original, and very melty (Thank you Texas humdity!), I was happy. I hope they were too:)
After that we headed to the horse races with my Dad and little sister. It was SO much fun!! My parents go each year and get great seats, with food..the whole shabang!
And, Mark and I were the big winners of the day, $35 each (on 1 $2 bet) woot!

NOW that the weekend is's time for rest (yeah right!). Mark start the Police Academy tomorrow!

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