Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Honey!!

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Happy Father's Day to the Greatest Dad around!
I could never have imagined the joy it brings to me to see you with our girls. I see you in Jillian's quirky smile and humorous personality. I see you in Emma's eye's and the way that she makes a room light up.

You are that dad.
You like to dress the girls and are much better at packing the diaper bag than I will ever be. You curl Jillian's hair and pick out bows for Emma.
You clean up the "accidents" in the middle of the night without ever making a peep.
You can look at Jillian without saying a word and the world is at peace.
You always make sure to pick up a special treat for the girls and I, after you get your ice cream of course:)

When Jillian was born I insisted she could not sleep in our bed, so she didn't. When Emma came along I said the same thing, but you said different. One of my favorite memories is watching you and Emma sleep late in the mornings.
You have had to sacrifice time with our family to protect our country and we are so grateful.
And even during those times when you are away, you are still involved.
You have shown our girls, when no words were necessary, how to do what you have to do. Jillian knows what it means to pray for her daddy everyday that he may be safe and knows that phone calls and pictures are held close our heart. She knows that for the time being, Pa will eat poptarts with her at school, and Gamma will drive your car, because you are in "Izraq", working very hard. Even then, there is not a day, or hour rather, that a conversation that includes "Daddy" is not had. Your pictures surround our house and heart, not because of your job, but because of the husband and father you are.You show them (and me) how to work hard, how to deal with tough situations with a positive attitude, and just "do it!".
You make sure our girls know they are loved.

Although it seems the chances are slim that the girls may share your same passion;), you make sure to show them that its good to find an interest and pursue it.

You have always put our family first.
You are an absolutely wonderful husband. And because of that, our girls know what real love is. They can see the amazing husband you are and one day will know exactly what to look for in their own husbands.
Although I know how I feel about the father and husband you are, I could not ever express it properly. In the end it all comes down to the fact that you love our girls and they love you.Thank you for being the father and husband that you are. you ROCK!!!
Love, Paige


Anonymous said...

Thank you honey. You certainly have an eye for the details, the little things. I am glad that you notice, even when I sometimes don't. I love you. Give the girls hugs and kisses for me.

Holly said...

What an awesome letter! I hope your husband will be safe in Iraq. :)