Saturday, March 14, 2009

How do we match up??

I copied this from Heather.

I am not a big horoscope fan, but found this interesting. This is how our family matches up according to astrology.

The Parents: Mark (Pisces) and Paige (Libra)

You two are too nice for your own good, yielding at the slightest pressure and lacking the backbone to say "no" when it's needed. There's trouble brewing when neither parent can consistently be strong or enforce the rules. Each of you can make great strides in this area, both in parenting and in personal growth, and you and your family will be much happier and healthier because of it. The Libra mom or dad is gentle, fair, and diplomatic. You're the one to teach your children about conflict resolution -- after brushing up on it yourself! You make sure the home is peaceful and calm.

The sweet Pisces parent can spin stories and tell tales, enriching your kids' imagination. Your intuitive understanding and kindness helps the little ones confide in you. If you two can master the art of consistent discipline, your children will thrive in the firm yet loving environment you create.

Paige & Jillian (Leo)

Your Leo child loves performing for you because you make such an affectionate, encouraging, and generally rapt audience. Your little one's flair for drama is apparent from an early age, and she adores being the center of attention. You're a wonderful parent to her in part because you so enjoy her bright, happy energy. Plus, she's naturally popular (which she must have inherited from you!), so playdates, birthday parties, and other get-togethers are fun for both of you.

You can foster your child's natural creativity by taking her to plays, films, art galleries, and museums, and instilling in her your own love of art and performance. Most of all, give her all your affection and encouragement, because although your little Leo seems as courageous as a lion, her pride is easily dented if she doesn't feel she's getting the adoration she craves.

Mark & Jillian

Your Leo child's energy and confidence amaze you. This little person is so passionate! Like you, she craves adoration, which you shower over her. Unlike you, she thrives on being the center of attention. Yes, this kid is a natural performer, and her impromptu performances and occasional dramatics are all intended to keep everyone's eyes on her. That's not a problem as far as you're concerned; you've been awed from the start by the sheer power your little Leo emits. But you're also intuitive enough to understand that behind her proud, courageous exterior exists a sensitive, vulnerable heart.

Little Leo is very family-oriented, just like you, and she needs every bit of the affection and support you can give. You're a wonderful parent to this complicated child because you're able to respond to her inner needs as well as her more obvious outer ones.

Paige & Emma (Aquarius)

Your Aquarius child is naturally attracted to anyone and anything unusual. From an early age, she gravitates toward the most unique kid in the playgroup, and she loves dressing up in wild, original outfits that you'd never in a million years put together!

You're innately attuned to balance and instinctively avoid rocking the boat, so be forewarned: Your little Aquarius will go out of her way to set your expectations on end. Many of her choices and behavior throughout her childhood, and the rest of her life, will be really fresh and original, and may actually offend your sensibilities. If that happens, try to remember that she pushes the envelope in pursuit of knowledge and innovation. This may be easier if you focus on the fact that you appreciate your child's commitment to creativity, plus, you relate to her cerebral point of view.

Mark & Emma

Your Aquarius child isn't nearly as emotionally expressive as you are. Your parental instinct is to shower your little one with all the love and devotion in your heart, but little Aquarius just doesn't seem to need that kind of closeness. Of course, you're tuned in enough to her feelings to know that she's devoted to you in her own way, but don't expect her to express it as openly and selflessly as you do.

Your child is a natural innovator and needs lots of freedom to learn about the world on her own terms. Her innate intelligence will amaze you; even as a little child, Aquarius understands concepts far beyond her years! And you understand her inner need to be different -- to stand out from the crowd. Your little one will always benefit from your creative perspective and your unquestioning acceptance of her unusual personality.

Sisters: Jillian & Emma

These children are different enough to challenge and engage each other, yet similar enough to get along, for the most part. Little Aquarius wants to be unique, but unlike young Leo, he doesn't need constant praise for his original qualities. Leo wants your adoration, so she does what she can to make you laugh and applaud.

Good thing Aquarius doesn't mind giving Leo the stage. In fact, Aquarius prefers it this way, because he needs lots of time to conduct his many experiments. Leo can actually help her inventive sibling test out his theories, a dynamic that works well on both sides: Aquarius gains a lab partner, and Leo feels needed.

Since Aquarius is far less emotional than his sibling, he can inadvertently hurt Leo's feelings, and both kids are quite stubborn when challenged. Still, they can work through these issues together and be great friends growing up.

So, what do you think?:)

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