Friday, February 13, 2009

My Sweet Valentine...

Emma Cate, I love you because, you are so sweet. You were such the cuddler when you were first born. Even now you prefer to be held and loved by someone than do anything on your own. You are very picky. When you were just days old you were very particular about the way you would eat, when you would eat, how fast or slow you would eat. That has never changed.
You love T.V. I never knew a little baby could be so intrigued with something. You love to watch T.V. as you head off to slumber land, just like your mommy.
You truly love. When you love someone, you let them know. You have proved that by becoming so verbal and aware of who your daddy is. From the moment I discovered we were expecting you, I worried about the next deployment and how that would affect your relationship with him. I now know my worries were unnecessary. You love your daddy! Although you believe he is the phone and the computer, as soon as you hear his voice or see his face, yours lights up.
You are a mommas girl. I rarely ever get anything done during your waking hours as you would much rather be on my hip than anywhere else.
I have been told you are just like me when I was little..I love this.
You are also on the go Emma. You could win any crawling race, hands down. Especially if I were at the finish line :)
Someone always has to be right behind to remove whatever new object you have put into your mouth.
You talk. constantly. I love that you are so verbal.
Emma, I never imagined I would be a mommy of two little girls. But because of you, I enjoy it so much more. I have loved buying tons of bows to decorate that bald head. I love dressing you and your sister alike and love seeing you two together.
I believe your birthday fits your personality.
Emma, you are my sweetheart, my baby girl.
For these reasons and so many more, I love you.

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Cheryl Hyatt said...

Emma is, indeed, a very special little lady. We love her so much and enjoy being with her.