Saturday, January 31, 2009

Enjoying Life

I think finally after all these months of this deployment, I finally have a routine and am content. This being said simply due the fact that today was the first morning I was NOT late to church since my move in August:) Not really, but it did make me feel good.
We are almost HALF way through this "growing" time and I am grateful for that. But I am becoming even more grateful for the lessons being learned.

I smile because my girls continue to blossom and surprise me daily.
I am burdened that I have made several commitments or started projects that I have not stuck with or are unfinished.
But I am excusing myself because I always take on too much.
I have learned that:
I REALLY look forward to Monday's.
it is nothing more that imperative that I follow God's lead when it comes to where I am supposed to be, even if it not the "cool" choice.
my job is not to be a mother and father to my children in my husband's absence, instead is to be the best mother I can be. And ask for help when needed.
my girls are loved by so many. It is really breathtaking.
I can stand on my own, when necessary.
home is really where the heart is.
I have some of the greatest friends and family.
I really really value my time without my children.
I really really love the time I have with my children:)
I love my husband more with each breath I take.

I am beginning to realize that I think I do enjoy school. I know, hard to believe, but I believe it keeps me sane, and learning.
I have learned that I am a strong woman, commited wife and the best mom I know how to be.

This "season" has been tough. The hardest time for me thus far. But as I have had to remind myself 2 times before, I will say it again: for some reason God believed I was strong enough to do this AGAIN. So I will and I have...and I am still alive.

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