Thursday, December 18, 2008

Be Thankful-10

Day 10-Giving Back
I am either really sappy or emotional lately. Not sure which, but thanks to all these radio stations providing so many wonderful things for families in need this year, I have been crying a lot.
This was the story today.
A husband and father of three girls was on the receiving end of the giving this year. His wife has recently had several medical issues and is now pretty much disabled. Because of the economy, his company shut their doors so not only did he loose his job, he also lost his health insurance that was helping to take care of his wife. He has started painting numbers on curbs to make rent for his family. He was given an eviction notice just a few days ago.
His girls have asked about Christmas this year and the only thing he has for them is to pay the rent so that at least they can all stay together.
The radio station is paying the rent for his family this month, and the past months in which he has not had the money. They gave him $1000 for Christmas for his girls. Filled their pantry with $500 worth of groceries.
It was very emotional to listen to a grown man cry knowing that his family is being provided for. But the best part was his reaction:
"Thank you so much for everything, what can I do for you?"
This man has nothing. He is now being given a huge gift and the only thing he wants to do is give back.
How wonderful is that?!
Needless to say I was bawling by the end of the broadcast. I am so thankful that this family is being provided for.
This is exactly what I want to teach my girls back. That's what it is all about.
For giving back and so much more, I am thankful.


Kim Harms said...

Thats amazing!! I am so happy to hear his family will be provided for this year... and like you, this is what I want my girls to learn. Not about presents or what the newest and greatest toys are... but to want to give those toys to those in need. :)

Kim Harms said...

Oh, and like you, these things make me cry all the time. So your not the only one driving down the road barely able to see the road thru all your tears!

Kim said...

These are the kinds of people I want to help too. Those who appreciate the gift and are humble to receive it. I would have been crying too! I also want to teach Kai the gift of giving to those in need. When the hurricane happened, I saw giving, helping, and love I like I have never seen b/f in my life. I want to be one who gives to those who lost all, those who have tried to pull themselves back up but just can't, and those who have that look in their eyes of love and appreciation. The hurricane taught me grace like I have never known b/f and I will never forget it as long as I live.