Sunday, December 7, 2008

Be Thankful-1

Well I have tried this once, maybe this time I will actually stick with it:)
30 whole days of Thankfulness comin' at ya!

Day 1-Friends
I am completely exhausted. At this point tired is a complete understatement. But I am so grateful for this because today that means I have wonderful friends who keep me out late, keep me laughing, smiling and eating.
I have always felt that I am a good friend, at least I hope so. I tend to make friends easily and have many very special friendships. When we lived in Colorado we made several really great friends, young couples with young kids, seemed just right for our life. When I was preparing to move back home, for good, I was very sad to (physically) leave those friendships. These particular friends were part of our everyday lives. We went to the Y together, shared pregnancies, watched our children grown together, shared many a late night playing Rock Band. It was very hard to leave that knowing full well I did not have those same friendships in Texas. Instead I was welcomed back home with arms and hearts open wide from people whom all along were my friends, but just different friends. These friends are just the people I need in my life now, on a regular basis. We enjoy Monday Night Supper Club, midnight movie premieres, and breakfast at 10pm. I never would have thought that different times in my life would call for different kinds of relationships.
For all of my wonderful friendships and much more, I am thankful.


Denyse said...

Different friends? I'm not sure quite how to take that one....different....hmmmm.

The Shepherd Family said...

I mean different as in weird and awkward:) just what you thought right?

Kim said...

I really miss our RB nights, stalking myspace pages while the guys play XBOX, trips w/ the kids, and all that fun stuff. I am thankful for your friendship.
p.s. The other night while saying prayers, we always say and be with Mr. Mark bless him and keep him safe. Well, Kai sat straight up and said Ms. Paige TOO! and I said and Ms. Paige. Then he said and Jillian and Baby Emma? I said and them too. He really does love you all!