Friday, November 14, 2008

I've been Tagged-The Last Decade

Thanks Heather!

One Minute Ago:
I was watching "the Flight Before Christmas" with Gabi and Jillian...and blogging:)

One Hour Ago: I was getting the DVD player ready for movie night. Getting PJ's on and treats ready.

One Day Ago: I was waking up from take a quick 5 minute nap on the couch while watching Grey's Anatomy. My frozen pizza was done so I woke up:)

One Week Ago: I was in Rockwall with the girls and Elizabeth doing a little window shopping. Got the girls Christmas dresses.

One Year Ago: I was working and going to school. Enjoying my second pregnancy with two fellow pregnant friends, Kim and Gaby. making plans for Thanksgiving with the Larsons.

Three Years Ago: Jillian and I had been back in Colorado for almost a month. I was working full-time. Jillian was 3 months old, enjoying her first snow. Mark was in his 8th month of his 2nd deployment. We had just bought the BMW. We were planning Thanksgiving with the Hernandez's.

Five Years Ago: I had been in Colorado almost 5 months alone. I was experiencing my first snow, working full-time and making plans to go home for Thanksgiving. Mark was half way through his 1st deployment.

Ten Years Ago: I was a freshman in High School. Dealing with health issues. Looking forward to getting a break from school over Thanksgiving break.

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