Saturday, October 25, 2008


I was reading a blog I follow today and came across this phrase, Pro-God, and it really struck my fancy. Over the last few months I have been apart of one too many political discussions, read up on the candidates, took quizzes to see who I may more connect with, and really struggled personally with who I think would be the best man to run our country for the next 4 years. Coincidentally sometimes I would side more with one candidate than the other or have a tie. There are issues I feel very strong about and there are some issues that I never consider. Some issues I think I am more "republican" about and others more "democrat" about. I really hate it. My friend E bought a magazine recently and it had an article titled "How to Vote without losting your soul (yes, it's possible)". I keep picking up the magazine intending to read it, yet I have not even opened. I guess I am trying to decide what it actually means...not losing my soul and all. I think when it comes to voting I like to think that I am making the decision, I hold the tie-breaking vote, the pressures on, I have to make the right decision. I know in reality it does not work that way and in the big state o' Texas, my vote won't really matter anyway. But either way I am going to vote and I pretty confident whom I will be voting for, with that being said I be praying about my decision from now until I enter the poll booth. I am making a commitment to be Pro-God this Election day.

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