Saturday, September 6, 2008


Whatever does not kill you can only make you stronger...right?! Lately I have felt like I am so close to that last breath, and then I hear an encouraging word, see a familiar face, hear Emma say Mama, or listen to Jillian when I am crying and she says "stop crying mommy, daddy be home soon"...:). What else can you do but just keep truckin'

Since we have moved to Texas we have kept pretty busy. I am back to school which is going well. I am actually excited about the knowledge that I will have at the end of the semester..(I guess if it does not kill you, maybe it makes you crazy;) Jillian started ballet class and it is so darn cute. She does not want to go until she gets there, but I think she is really liking it. Emma is all over the place! She is like a little inch worm, scooting and pushing herself across the is so cute:) She says Dada, Mama, and Baba, holds her own bottle, and that tooth is almost through. They are both growing so fast.

Mark left for Iraq, so now the countdown begins for his return home. I am hoping with all of the things we have going on that it will help time to fly.

I will update often and post his address as soon as I have it. Thanks for your continued support and prayers!

-I will get around to posting pictures again soon. My camera is dead and the charger is packed...somewhere:)

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