Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here are some pictures from our first couple of weeks here in Texas and our last visit with Mark...enjoy!

Our last family photo

Jillian & Emma with their Daddy picture...the next best thing:)

My Love

Daddy and the girls

Jillian started ballet class and preschool

Emma is learning to crawl!

and then theres me....attempting to multi-task:)

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Kim Harms said...

Oh my gosh, those pics with Mark are perfect. They make me want to cry!! I love the first one with all 4 of you... perfection!
The girls are so big and so beautiful! Jilli is adorable with her backpack on and I can see Emma's hair growing back! I miss you so much!!

Paige Thompson Shepherd said...

aww..now I'm gonnna cry:) i miss you tooooo!!!

Denyse said...

I love all the pics, but especially the one with "Joelle" in the pink bow learning to crawl. Ahhhhhh-dorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

I am crying, again!! Those pictures are so wonderful and it doesn't help that Kai just asked, again, where you all are. I miss my Shepherds more than you know. I love all the pics but the one that made me smile the most was the one of you w/ the cheesy pose and smile. I just love it! Miss you so much that it is getting harder for me to talk about but all I can seem to do is talk about you or the girls or Mark. I guess it makes me feel close to you all still. Love the brown/polka dot background much better too! So cute!!! Love ya and kiss those girls for us! Kai says, "Hi to you and the girls."