Friday, September 12, 2008

Help!....suggestions please!!

I just got an iPod Nano...I am convinced this will assist me in my training for the 1/2 marathon:) I am looking for some stuff to put on it. I know this sounds silly, but I really never know who sings what, what soundstracks are good and really don't know much about podcasts. I want to get a great seletion of music to listen to while running and I would really like to subscribe to some kind of podcast. Since I am in the so much (driving to and from school, errands, etc) I would like to have something to listen to while riding...

So I want suggestions...please!!!
Plese let me know your most recent favorite music choices and why.
Let me know about podcasts, which ones you listen too and why.

I can't wait!!!

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Denyse said...

I like to listen to Delirious? when I work out...both albums--The Mission Bell and Kingdom of Comfort. I also like After Edmund. Of course I don't work out that often or that long, but I sure like those guys when I do:)

Paige Thompson Shepherd said...

haha, thanks denyse!!

Elizabeth said...

Paolo Nuitini is my current favorite. That's what I'll be listening to when we train (among others). David Crowder Band is also great because they have a lot of upbeat songs. As far as podcasts go, my favorite is The Village Church if you're interested in great sermons. Grammar Girl is also a fav since I'm an English teacher.

Paige Thompson Shepherd said...

thanks Elizabeth, I will look into those as well!