Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5 Amazing Weeks!

It has now been almost 5 weeks since our little Emma arrived and it has been an amazing journey thus far. Emma is growing and changing so much everyday. Jillian definetly loves baby "Ma" and constantly wants to pat her, it is very sweet. My mom was in Colorado when Emma was born, which was so wonderful and she stayed for two more weeks. Mark had to return to work a little early so the girls and I decided to travel back down to Texas with Gamma for a little while. The trip was...LONG!!! With two little ones it was crazy, but after 15 hours, we finally made it to Greenville. Since we have been here Emma has been able to meet almost everyone possible and that has been great. She is a snuggler and very lovey and no one can get enough:) But she also does not do real well with lots of noise and stimulation so she cries a lot. She is still eating a ton and is doing well with sleeping at night. She is really a great baby and so dang beautiful! she is absolutely wonderful!!
We are still working on getting the whole 2 kid thing down, but really have not had to worry about practicing that too much because since she has been born as we have had constant help..THANK GOD! We are definetly blessed! I guess we will get some real practice soon once we get back to Colorado.
We have taken tons of pictures and I will get them posted very soon.

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