Thursday, August 16, 2007


Since my last blog we celebrated Jillian Grace's 2nd Birthday. I can not believe we are parents to a 2 year old, crazy! Although parenting is a day to day journey, somedays being much harder than others, I would not trade it for the world. She is such an independent little soul and is really coming into to her own, well she is only 2, so whatever that is worth:) I believe she learns about 1 to 2 new words a week and has began talking in phrases. She talks ALL the time! As they say, you want so much for them to talk and once they do, you can't get them to be true. But I love her little voice. As for now, I am trying to enjoy the mommy and me time with her as much as possible. I know soon we will have a new addition and we will not have as much of that time as we do now, so I am trying to savor it all.
We had a puppy party at a local park with several of her little friends and we had a blast. She got tons of goodies and we enjoyed watching her be....well 2!

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